Unofficial 'Smart Weather Station' Map

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When you get more and more markers for your map, I suggest looking at:

I use it on one of my maps, showing web & mobile app connections to my database.

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Thank you, Sam. I’ll look at this.


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Example on how it looks…



When clicked on:


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Hey kevstaples. That’s my station in Haines.
How’s the weather down in Ketchikan? (JK)


Not sure right now. I’m on vacation in Vegas!

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I’m jealous. I have to go to Saigon when i get vacation time.

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Thank you, all, for the support. The topic hit 50 likes.

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I am removing Stations from the map that are offline for 1 month or more. If they come online they will appear on the map.

The Station count is the number of Stations online and offline for less than 30 days. The Private stations are not included in the count.

There are currently 105 stations that have been offline for more than 30 days.

I added “dead” stations to the legend. These are stations that are not sending any data to WeatherFlow. There could be several reasons for this. The most obvious is that the data is for local use.

21 March
I spent the day working on the back-end code that collects the data on stations and devices. It is now fully automatic to run once a day.


For those of you who :heart: this topic I am considering adding a “highlighted” station on the Map. This could point to your station or to your website. Do any of you like this idea?


One station will be highlighted each time the map is displayed.

Extra data for each station will be displayed in the pop-up box along with hotlinks.

There will be a bio section so the owner may enter background information about their self and their site.

I will start working on a web page to allow the station owner to enter the extra data.


do you mean put some extra attention of our pin on the map ?

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I like the idea. I think that the people in this community are among the leaders in home weather observation and if they choose to like the map then let’s see where in the world they are.

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@dan.gealt, @eric, @Weather34,

What data would you like to see in the pop-up?


for the moment nothing more,

  • the air module is not yet in a screen (Monday I will finish the 3d design hopefully)
  • the sky unit is somewhere travelling on our globe, so nothing to see yet
  • and can’t decided what online software I will use, got several running and can’t decide yet :slight_smile:

but once those 3 are clear and stable, I’ll come back to you for sure :+1:


I’m thinking:

  • Station name
  • Location
  • Website
  • Contact information
  • Free-form text up to 256 characters

This will be information that each station owner will enter into a database.


Thanks @GaryFunk for a chance to comment!

I like the Bio section you mentioned above. Also, maybe Temperature, Pressure and Wind Speed/Direction if there is space for all that. I thought about precip and humidity, but precip is seasonal (at least for those of us who are not in tropical locales) and humidity is very dependent on local site conditions. I would hope that Temperature is reasonably good and that most stations are sited so that radiational heating is not a problem (either great siting or a radiation shield). Probably too much to wonder if the station owner, while entering Bio and Station Info might be able to select which data to display . . . but excessive wondering is included at no extra charge here.

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There is space for that but that requires making more HTTP calls and thus slowing down the process. I will consider this for the second phase. For now I want to make this simple.

I need to:

  • build the data tables
  • build the web form to allow station owners to login and enter data.
  • build the back end to pull and format the data for display.

Which measurement should the data be displayed in? Also, pulling station data may require many calculations.

I want to avoid duplicating what can be viewed in the WeatherFlow web application but temperature, humidity, pressure and wind are easy.

One goal is to promote sites like Weather34 and the Weather34 software.


I have updated the Map to show more useful data. Give it a look and please offer comments.


though all the extra info, it loads pretty quick for me. Can’t be sure, but seems even a little quicker then before the extra info
you tweaked the caching some more ?

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I have made code changes and there is no cache. It pulls data from the database each time.


Looks good! And it loads very quickly for me.

Just one question . . . are there any BREATHE units anywhere yet?

Oh, and another question . . . if one station overlays another . . . like my station 3231 appears to overlay my station 1648 here . . . so is there any way to see the station that is underneath the top one?

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