Smart Weather Station Map

An official map of WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations in now available at:


Thanks, WeatherFlow team. I’m glad to be a part of this Smart Weather Network. Keep up the fantastic work!


I like the level of detail offered by the map. Nice to see Massachusetts well represented. One odd thing I noticed. When I hover over any station icon but mine (West Townsend, MA) the name of the station appears. It does not appear when I hover over my own. Is this by design? Is there a setting for this? Inquiring minds want to know!

Hi @stevencmorse . We are unable to reproduce this hover-over state. There is no logic in our code to suppress the name of your personal station on mouse hover over. Can you be specific about browser, version, device, etc? Thanks!

Whst is your station ID?


I get the same result from my windows 10 laptop running chrome at home and a chromebook here at school running Chrome. Could it be because “Show Ongoing Notification” is turned off in my settings?

@stevencmorse . Figured it out. Your station name is blank (ID 4711). Meet ya halfway…give your station a name…and we’ll gladly display it! :wink:

App > Settings > Stations > select the blank line > tap the Name row to enter a Station name.


Sorry, I just noticed this. I’m confused. I went into settings on the app and it says my station name is “W. Townsend, MA” and that is what shows at the top of my dash board. What other field do I need to fill in? Thanks.

Change change it, save it, then change it back. That should correct the issue.

Well that’s weird. Must be something saved only locally to your phone / app. Our systems do not have a saved name for your station. If you look at Tempest …there is no name.

Tip: make sure to hit SAVE button in app after making the change to meta data.

The station has a private name but no public name. Thid is due to the public name fields being added secondary.

Interesting that staff doesn’t know this.

Once again, Gary to the rescue! It is interesting that the staff didn’t realize this immediately…we must be busy focusing on other stuff. :wink: . Thank goodness for the collective intelligence of the community!!

@stevencmorse . App > Settings > Stations > [select station] > Public Data > edit Public Name .

We added the ‘Public Name’ feature recently to give users the ability to display an alternative name when sharing your station to the public. There should be a check in our system to default to the main ‘Station Name’ if/when the ‘Public Name’ is null. We’ll check on it. And, thanks @GaryFunk!


Ok, I know I’m dense but I don’t have a public name field. Under public data I have the “Share Publicly” toggle (on) and a Weather Underground entry showing my WU station number, then “Save”. None of these fields allows me to edit the text.

iOS or Android? What app version? You might need to update your app (??).

You can also access settings online via (login with same WF credentials).

Go to : or use the Phone application. I check on Android and the website.

Click the gear in the upper left corner
Click Stations
Click on your station
Click Public Data
Click on the pencil to edit the name

Wierd, I can get to the public data screen, and on the computer screen I can see the public name field, but I can not enter a name in the field. But thanks for the help.

Show me the URL that is in your address bar.

Screenshots will help.

An interesting map. I’m glad to see that the two northernmost WF devices in the world are in our most northern mainland city, Inuvik, Northwest Territory. If that isn’t a best case scenario for extremely low temperatures, I don’t know what is. If need be for even deeper temperatures, you might try finding someone in Resolute, on Cornwallis Island in Nunavut. The average winter temperatures there are in the -35C range for two or three months at a time.:cold_face:


Out of curiosity, why do some stations report the wind direction in degrees and some report it as SW or NNE?