Icon on the Weatherflow Map

Is there a minimum amount of time to wait before my Tempest icon shows up on the map??

Where can I find the instructions for changing the description of each item. For example, I would like the Temperature heading to read Temp, I would like the lightning heading to just read lightning.

Any help appreciated

It should show up rather quickly, assuming you are sharing it publicly. What is your Station ID and we can check?

Hey David,
Up early, or not to bed?

Station ID is 20972 and it does not show up on the map. I think I have it set to public in the settings, but I am sure you will correct me.

Hopefully it is something silly.
Thanks Much

I see your station on the map

Not to bed. Iā€™m in Washington State so in the PT zone.

I concur with @eric, your station is on the map. You can try Tempest Station Map and then just zoom in on your area to see it.

Thanks, my app has the wrong lat/long in it and I cannot seem to edit it. Ideas please.

For now go via the app

down page settings -> stations - > station and second line Location

drag around to set you station where it is on the map
confirm with the big V top right the map

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Got it, thank you very much.

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