Map at bottom of TempestWx station data screen

OK this is really weird. Replaced my Air/Sky with Tempest the other day. Everything is working great. Used the new hub and basically started from scratch. Got my new data updated at WeatherUnderground and that’s all squared away.

ONE issue - at the bottom of my station data screen, I’m now missing the Google map that shows my location. But ONLY on Safari (Mac) browser.

I have looked at other Tempest pages and they’re all showing the map just fine. I looked at my own in Chrome - and it’s there! Weird? I checked my Safari settings and popups and autoplay are allowed, nothing should be blocking just “my” map as far as I can tell. I also have a MacBook Air - same situation there.

Anybody have any ideas of what might be up?

I can see the Google map at the bottom when I click your link…

I’m on an iPhone right now, if that helps.

I still can’t see it on my iMac - nor in Safari on my iPhone. However - I just fired up the MacBook Air, and it’s now mysteriously showing up there. So weird!

Are you sure you are using the “shared” link, as shown in your first post, and not your “admin” link?


If you are looged in to your WeatherFlow account in the browser the map doesn’t show but if you visit the link as a “guest”, not logged in to your account, as @hankster is saying, the map will show.

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Boom! Mystery solved. That was driving me bonkers. Thank you!

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