Public name shows unknown


I am struggling to find the information.

How to I update the public name of my station. I noticed that many have it properly set, as visible from the map, but mine still show unknown, which is confirmed from the json record when I query it

Is it possible to update my metadata via API?



just use the app or go to your online page, use the gear, stations and from there use the name section to set it as you want.

I don’t think you will be able to use the api for that. Never saw it meant that way in any case.

Well, I am not sure Eric: from iOS, either from my iPad or my iPhone, I see the option to set the name, but none to set the public name. Same from a desktop browser.

And your station also show “Unknown” in the public name section btw.

if you mean on Gary’s map then you need to create an account there to modify your data, this is not an official WF map. It is @GaryFunk work

the good news is…
that we will see the official map in the future as the weatherflow stated.

It’s great news. I’ll be able to shut mine down soon.


Yes and no.

As far as I can understand, Gary is managing a metadata set inherited from whatever is provided by all stations, plus a few attributes that he is managing on its own, that everyone can in turn manage as long as he get a fsoft access.

But the “public name” is a public attribute that exist on all stations, and some people managed to update it. I do not understand that part, unless that attribute is exposed via the android application.

Eric has misinterpreted what you are asking. The function you are asking about is coming in a future release of the phone applications.

I know it’s weird that some stations have it and some don’t. It’s a feature to be added in the future to the phone applications.

I cannot explain why some have it and others don’t. I do see a lot of stations with the public name as “Unknown.”


Right, yes indeed there is a mix of “unknown”, “”, and same value as the station ‘name’.

So lets wait for the new feature to comes up. I just wanted my station to appear as neatly as the others.

Thanks all.

Good question. The “public name” is a bit of an unfinished project. It was added to the system as part of building out the Weather Underground linking process. A WU PWS has its own name and since so many users call their station “Home” or “Bob’s Place” (something meaningful to the owner but few else), we wanted to give you the ability to choose a more “public” name (something more meaningful to the public). We recognized that the public name could also have a more wide application than just WU, but we haven’t added a way to change it outside of creating a new WU station.

So, currently, the app only asks for a public name when you go through the process of setting up a WU PWS. We will add a way to change it soon.