Tempest Owners Station Shares

Hi Fellow Tempest Owners And Observers! This may be something I am sure that was already posted at one point. But if you want to share your public link to your weather stations let’s see who’s who and where you are located in the world and your weather observations!

**I am located in NW Ohio U.S.A. Here Is My Station. Eye On The Sky NW Ohio (Napoleon, Ohio U.S.A.)

West side of Cleveland here.

I would advise, however, to be cautions on who you share the URL with and how. Posting it here probably won’t be a problem, but there is an unpublished limit to how many page hits you can take before WeatherFlow disables your station’s display on the website. It’s best to limit sharing the URL as much as possible to avoid this.


If you are concerned about taking the hit on the dashboard and offering up your station for public use, you may want to setup WeeWx or one of the other weather servers that are out there.

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