Rain check available in Canada

I had read in an earlier post that rain check was not available outside the United States. I have it enabled in my app, and see a light blue rain check logo beside the rain values and on the graph. Does this mean that it is now functioning for me in Canada?



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RainCheck covers some border areas of Canada.


I live in Toronto, Ontario. Is it possible I am in that area? The icon I see is a light gray/blue rain drop with a check mark in the rain drop.

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Yes! If you see the RainCheck icon, you’re in the coverage area!

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Thank you for confirming.

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in the graphs I see the same icon (on pc and in app), but I’m in the Netherlands. Besides the icon, I didn’t notice any difference, but maybe I should look more carefully.


I also have the icon being in France but I don’t know if they have sources to compare this side of the ocean. I doubt.

For me in Germany it seems to be the same.

Sorry for the confusion. To be clear: the icon is always present on the graph in the legend, but you’ll only see the icon next to the data if you’re looking at RainCheck data. If you don’t see the RainCheck icon next to the data, then it’s raw SKY data.


That is exactly the clarification I was looking for - thank you. I have since turned it off. To clarify, my Sky will continue to use CL irrespective of whether I have Rain Check available in my country or turned on?

Correct! The toggle in the app only affects whether you see RainCheck data or not. It does not affect the normal CL auto-calibration process.