Rain check check-up

Finally got some rain to compare gauges. Before I went to bed, I was impressed that the Sky recorded .23 rain while the manual Stratus gauge right next to it showed about .26 My Davis on the roof showed only .14, but it is up at over 30 feet where under-reporting can occur.
So, overnight, another wave of rain came through, and this time, roof recorded .71, while gauge recorded .70 and Sky this morning reads .70. That’s totally close!
But, Rain Check lowered its first round of pre-midnight rain from .23 to .13. Does it know about the roof gauge?? The second round of post-midnight rain agrees perfectly with gauge and roof, but I don’t know if it was adjusted yet by Rain Check.

Rain Check will make adjustments on the following day. If you see the Rain Check icon, that means the values you are seeing have been adjusted. If your SKY is performing consistently better without Rain Check we recommend you disable it in the app. Go to settings > stations > manage devices > choose SKY > advanced > disable Rain Check.

As of now, local day 10/20 has been Rain Checked, note icon…

10/21 has not yet been Rain Checked, no icon is present.

Gotcha. My .70 from last night has not been adjusted. I will leave Rain Check on for now because I want to see what it does and what to anticipate.
The .23 in the Sky got first and then the .70 in later in evening were pretty much right on the money.
I will keep a hobbyist eye on what it does before I turn off what is kind of a cool thing.


With my first generation hub I always got a rain check by 8 am the next day. With my updated Tempest hub it sometimes comes at about 8 pm and sometimes doesn’t come at all. Is there something wrong with my hub or with rain check? Station 32427.

Can you verify RainCheck is turned on as I don’t see the raincheck icon on the far right of your station rain card.

You can turn on RainCheck in the app under Settings->Stations->(Your Station)->Manage Devices->(Your Tempest ID)->Advanced where you will find a Rain Check switch to turn on or off.

Yes it is turned on

T-Mobile 5G One+

It has been showing up really late in the day for me, too. After 13:00 at least in one case this week. @nels check the history to see if it shows up eventually.