3 way test of rain amounts

We got a big rain event in the DFW last night and I was ready with my rooftop mounted Davis Pro bucket tipper (up at 30 feet) and a Stratus manual gauge down at 6 feet with the Sky 1 foot from it.

The rain was very heavy for some time, and as long as that was the case, the Sky was doing a great job, right in line with both the Stratus and the roof gauge. In fact, Sky got out to a .10 in lead over the too high Davis, as one might expect.

But as the rain intensity settled to a slower, steady precip, the Sky started to lag. I watched it give back it’s .10 and eventually more. This morning, a check of the manual gauge confirmed what I saw.
Roof, 2.47 inches Stratus manual gauge, 2.60 inches Sky, 1.98.

Just now, I see that Rain Check raised the Sky to 2.16 in. Better, but still significantly below the 2.60 inches of the Stratus 1 foot from it.

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