Sky results for light rain event

We had a weak frontal system move through overnight with little or no
wind. Below are the rainfall results. All rain gages were within 25’ of each other.

Cylinder (4") 0.09"
AcuRite Prof. 0.07"
Sky 28… 0.15"
Sky 29… 0.14"

Encouraging both Sky’s were so close, concerning they were so
far from the reference plastic cylinder.

I have watched actual light rain make everything wet but drying on the sides of my plastic funnel gauges such that nothing flowed down to the bottom of the gauges. But enough rain to completely wet windows and concrete, but no puddles. Within 15 min it had dried everywhere and had I not witnessed the rain I might have thought Sky was an error. But my conclusion was that my Sky was more accurate than any conventional gauge recording about 0.5mm in that case. I was impressed that Sky can actually be more accurate at times when evaporation is high…
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


Excellent point and I agree that prolonged light drizzle will normally always fail a tipping design, often under report for a plastic/metal funnel but be well represented by Sky. Sleet is another story.

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I had some light rain go through my area last night. Measured 0.05 in the gauge, Sky measured 0.11…not terrible.

Not nearly close enough, percentage-wise it is significant.

We are situated high in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. We spend a lot of time in the clouds with heavy fog surrounding us. Often other weather stations around us measure millimeters of rainfall a day but our ‘Sky’ shows nothing. Is this precipitation just too light or do I need to recalibrate?
Btw; after reading a recent post about wind vibrations, I filled my mounting post with sand and shortened the mast a bit - results have shown less anomalies.

part of me says drizzle over prolonged period

will never match a cylinder rain guage reading.


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If it doesn’t make a sound (like fog), then the rain sensor cannot “hear” it…