Rain Total for previous day changes

I have noticed that the last 3 days, the rain totals have been close to my other rain gauge for the previous day. This morning’s report showed 0.29 inches yesterday and my other gauge reported 0.26 inches. I consider that pretty good. But sometime during the day, yesterday’s total was changed to 0.18 inches. I have notice yesterday’s rainfall amount has changed each of the last 3 days. Why does yesterday’s rain total change?

Do a search for raincheck on this forum. It’s a feature you can disable if it doesn’t work well for you or help it make better by sharing data from a colocated manual gauge if you have one.

Thanks. One confusion about a manual gauge, does it help most to have raincheck on or off to compare the daily rain totals? Thanks again.

To compare is best to set it ogg as that number is what your station really registered. With Raincheck on it is “altered” with extra data (without tampering your original dat that you still have via “off”)

Thanks. And one more question, is it possible to ‘trick’ the Tempest rain gauge to use 6am or 6pm as the days end? Basically, I’d like to use a fully manual rain gauge and don’t want to be emptying it at midnight. I have another electronic rain gauge that I can just change time on and have it change anytime I want. Thanks again for the great help!

No but you can easily use the graph max zoomed and hover the time, you will see the totals on top and with some + ad - you get the total at any hour :wink:

Go vote for this feature request Add option to choose start of day cycle

What is the process for calibrating haptic rain sensor? Mine is grossly over reporting rainfall intensity and accumulation.


So does that process only apply to rain check? If so. Is there any way to correct the haptic sensor readings other than sending the unit in for calibration?

That process is to improve the calibration for your Tempest using a co-located device. It does not calibrate RainCheck, just your device. For information about RainCheck, read this post: Introducing RainCheck