Rain water leaking into solar panel batterycompartement

Today i did some cleaning maintenance on the Sky.
Then I noticed something on my solar panel.
I don’t know how watertight the battery compartment is of solar panel, but there was water leaking out on the side.

You can see there is a little space between the plastic and the rubber sealing.
That was exactly the place where water was leaking out of it.
Also there was a lot of rainwater comming out between the Sky unit and solar panel itself.

We had quite a summerstorm yesterday with some showers. So the wind was blowing the water on it more than normal.

Should I contact WF for it?

Everything still works fine.


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leaking out of it would be ok, but how did it get in?
(just joking, I would definitely contact support)


That’s definitly a case to reach out @anon84912554.
Best way is to open a ticket.

Thnx I already contacted WF support. Awaiting their reaction. :blush: