Remote callibration

I’m starting to wonder how this calibration is going to work. I’m living inside a city, so I expect my temperature ratings to be 1 or 2 degrees higher than nearest official airport reading. If my sensor is being calibrated to that source, will it not display a temperature that is inaccurate? I think most people would like to know their own local temperature, not the temperature if their garden was an airfield :wink:

The same for the other parameters that get calibrated over time with other stations. The solar radiation for example is measured using a very diffuse window, basically capturing light from a 180 view. a small part of my skydome is filled with a high appartment flat, my readings should be different, I think. But this is a more difficult question. Do I want my measurements to be corrected for the not so perfect skydome or not?

humidity in a town is generally different from that in the country side. I just came from a nightly cycling tour, it was already foggy outside town, it will be foggy at the airfield, but in the city there is no fog at all. of course partly caused by higher temperatures, but also because the soil outside town is much more moist.

So what will we end up with, something that gives the values if we were an airfield, or the real local values.

@dsj could you try to explain a little bit what the callibration routines are doing?

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