Sky Calibration

Hopefully I will receive my Sky here in NZ soon. I will have two arriving (one for my Dad). I am wondering if there would be any advantage of setting both up and allowing them to calibrate together? Having a scientific background I know even the best instrumentation requires calibration, so for rainfall, I plan to check with a manual rain gauge (the funnel and with measuring cylinder type). I’m thinking of mounting all three at ground level (1-2m) for the calibration period (Later will roof mount for clean wind fetch). It’s winter here, so rain should not be far away. For wind, I don’t have anything to directly compare with but will do some spot checks with a Weather flow Weathermeter and a hotwire anemometer.

What effect does moving a Sky after it has self-calibrated have? I guess the rain will be ok but the anemometer will be affected? One Sky will be couriered 700km.

I assume it is relatively easy to associate and disassociate a sky from one hub to another?


yes, it can be un paired and re paired with another hub easy enough
I would think it might be better though to let it do its first time calibration at your Dad’s place?
700km away sounds like one is in the north island and the other in the south island