Installation & weather parameter questions

I’m assuming only 1 hub can be used at a time. If so, should I replace the old hub with the new hub? Is there any advantage in doing so?

Second, I notice peak gusts to be a bit higher on my Sky unit than my Tempest. Is this a calibration issue?

Finally, my barometric pressure is reading about .05" high on the Tempest. Also a calibration issue?

Otherwise really like the design and the passive radiation shield is actually working quite nicely thus far. Impressed.

You can have several Hubs. What would you like to do and I’ll advise you?

Gary, what do you think would be the better approach? Does having 2 separate hubs segregate the readings according to a given weather station. IOW right now I have both systems on the same hub, so all the readings are aggregated on one screen. I’m assuming 2 different hubs separates the readings?

I’m not sure how you add a 2nd hub. When I first set it up I didn’t see anything about that in the instructions, so I just proceeded to add a device. If I did this would I have to now delete the new Tempest from the original hub?

I have 4 Hubs on 4 station IDs in the application.

So I’d need a new account for the new Hub and then add the Tempest to that hub while deleting it from the old Hub?

You don’t need a new account. Just set up another station in your current account.

OK, got it. I googled it up and saw the WF instructions for adding a new station. So I’ll delete the Tempest from the old hub and add it to the new station/Hub.

Thanks, Gary.

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You are most welcome.

Gary, one last question. I’ve successfully added the Tempest station, but now, although showing both the Air/Sy & Tempest stations, I can’t get back to the original Air/Sky. If I go into settings, I click on the Air/Sky combo, but it always reverts back to the Tempest for the actual readings. I’m sure I’m overlooking something simple.

Are you looking for this?

Tapping it will show a menu with your stations. Select the one you want and it will show that station’s data.

Is that on Android, because I don’t see it on IOS. Looked on my iPad & iPhone and it’s not there.

Yes, and on the web, too. This is on my iPad.

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I installed the Tempest together with the new hub as a new Station. My Sky & Air are operating on my original hub with a different Station name. However I now have an issue where I can’t switch between Stations. Only the new Tempest/Hub setup shows data despite both stations showing up in the settings.

Does anyone know how you would switch between stations?

For sure, you used the same login for registering the new station you used for the Sky/Air Station.

Then you see the name of the station in the top middle.
Kick on it and a selection menu with both stations names should appear.

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Thanks guys! Somehow that little dropdown eluded me. :slight_smile:

Are your two station IDs 18364 for your new Tempest station and 6187 for your SKY+AIR Station? If so, maybe @eric or @WFstaff can verify that they are both under one user ID.

LOL it looks like we posted nearly simultaneously. Glad you have it figured out.

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