Wind Stopped Reading


My tempest station #3853 has stopped reading the wind. The Santa Anna’s are blowing here. It’s ENE 12G26 according to my Davis. Tempest is showing zero. Visual inspection indicates no problems.

Any thoughts as to what the problem might be?

Looks like the readings have been wacky since Jan 17.

You have a SKY and AIR device, and it is your SKY which is acting strange. Of the SKY devices I’ve had, IIRC, when they failed one of the symptoms was similar to what you are seeing. The sensor status sometimes shows good, as yours did when I just checked. You might want to open up a support ticket (link above in the menu).

There are no more SKY devices available, so if you need to replace your SKY it will have to be replaced with a Tempest device. Unfortunately, the Replace Device option does not work when changing device types. This means that the historical data from your SKY will not follow to a Tempest. You can, however, keep the AIR connected to your station, giving you two locations for temperature: AIR and Tempest. The firmware on the Tempest appears to be relatively stable so you shouldn’t have to get a new hub with a replacement. The old hubs which came with the SKY + AIR do not have the ability to update firmware in a sensor.

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wow that is quite some uptime you have


Sometimes a reboot can do wonders. I see it is pretty high mounted according our recirds, if you want I can try a remote reboot if you want.

Thanks @gizmoev,

I have written Support and arranged for a replacement.

As there are no more SKY units, I understand I will loose all my history. However, is it possible to keep my station number and name?

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Yeah, 3.7 years seems like a long uptime. I wonder if that’s real.

I did take it down and did a reset but it didn’t help. Fortunately, the way it’s mounted only a 6ft step ladder is needed to get it down.

If you don’t delete the SKY from your account, the data will stay visible to you. As long as you don’t change the hub, you can keep your station ID. The Station ID is the “device ID” of the hub and there is no way to transfer it to a new hub.

When you get your Tempest and have it setup, ask support to mark it as the primary device.

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