"Replace Device" using the new Tempest App

I’m sure I know this…but I CNF (CanNotFind) it in my Grey Matter! My beta pre-production Tempest Field Test device will eventually have to be replaced with a new Tempest. So, I’ll go in under Advanced then “Replace Device” and then does the new Tempest assume what the old (Field Test) was/did. . .or. . . will the new Tempest act as a brand new station with a new StationID?? If one picks up where the other one left off. . .then I would have the old data merged into the new Tempest – right?

It’s troubling when I can’t remember the simplest of things!

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First, the Station ID is tied to the HUB not the sensors attached to the hub. Second, the Replace Device keeps the historical data connected to the new device so when you look at the past on the new device all the history appears to be from that device.

As an example, look at the wind history on 5075. For some strange reason the SKY wind sensor went crazy around May 9-10 and I had to replace it. I did a “Replace Device” around mid day on May 16.
image image
As you can see, the history is still there and it is the same Station ID I’ve had since September 2018. The Replace Device basically tells the system, “Here is a new device to replace the old one. Please assign it to the same Device ID. Thank you.”

EDIT: As a follow up, here is a phone screen capture from September 2018 and July 2020 showing the same station. I did add a second Air which is why the new one is longer than the first. You may need to view at 100% or download to see it very well.

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Thanks for the reply and examples. I want to make sure I fully understand this. The StationID is tied to the Hub; a new Tempest with an ST-0000#### will be assigned the DeviceID that the old Tempest had; i.e. new Tempest (ST-0000####) will be assigned to the previous Tempest’s DeviceID number.

So apparently. . .I can Swap Tempests in any “shell game” fashion I want. . .as long as I use Replace Device per a specific FT Hub or Tempest production Hub – right?

I have 3 separate Hubs: SKY/AIR ; Tempest FT ; Tempest WeatherSystem (production). This next part will be confusing, no doubt. I am planning to replace the old Tempest FT with the one that is currently production (Tempest WeatherSystem). Then purchase the Tempest-only device and call That One the Tempest WeatherSytem. . . .replacing it for the one that will be new FT.

I know it sounds like a lot of needless “busy” work. . .but that’s where the “shell game” part comes in (if you can visualize the shells on a table being re-arranged.)

The reason for all of this “commotion” is because my area is completely shrouded with trees and clouds. Tempest FT is now down to 2.36v and is in PowerSaveMode 2. There is just not enough sun to get it back up to even anywhere near 2.40v! The new Tempest (TempestFT149) is located 2 1/2 feet away from FT…but the new Tempest’s voltage is 2.48v with the same shade and clouds. When the sun is available. . .it will get up to 2.50v or perhaps 2.52v. I’m basically scheming with myself to get a latest Tempest device that will have better battery technology to withstand more shade and clouds than 12-16 hrs of recommended sunlight.

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Replace Device should work with any like devices. I don’t think it would work with a SKY->Tempest or Air->Tempest or vice versa, though I haven’t tried it. Other than that, what you propose will work but realize that all the calibrations for a particular unit will be lost so you will be continually in a situation of starting over with the calibrations. The best bet will be to get the auxiliary power accessory that WF is working on. Hopefully that is coming sooner rather than later.

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Looks like it yes. I just replaced my out door unit with a new one as the old one broke, and I immediately got an email that my old station came online…with its ID number.