Old data, new data

I started my new tempest weather device today. It is working properly. For the last two years I was using the old weatherflow two device setup. When I use the weather app ‘history’ it shows only todays data. How do I merge the last two years of data with the current data?
Thanks, Greg.

I do not know if it is possible but I know the only way to find out is to ask support.
Use the link at the top of this page and open a support job.
If a Tempest is replaced with a Tempest the history can be merged.
I do not know if the history from a Sky and an Air can be merged onto a new Tempest.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Searched in the Help section: 47 results for “merge SKY data into Tempest” Hope this helps.

Merging Data from Legacy Smart Weather Stations to a Tempest System

Data cannot be merged from an AIR and SKY device to a Tempest device. If you want the historical AIR and SKY data on your station, you must attach the AIR and SKY to the new station Hub. Then, when the legacy devices are in place, we can recover the archived data to those devices. You don’t need to continue operating the legacy devices, but they need to be added to the station Hub as placeholders for the historical data.


How do i attach the old data from the air and sky device to the new tempest device?

Have you asked support?