Show weather data from 2 Tempests

I have 2 different Tempest devices located about 2 miles apart. I would like to see the historical data from both devices, specifically the graphs on one graph. Is this possible?

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IF you have two Tempest devices attached to One HUB. . .then you’d see both of them when you look at them. One of the stations will be on the “top half” of your WF/Tempest page. . .and the other station will be listed immediately below it.

IF you have Two Tempest devices on two separate Hubs. . .then you’d have to view them Individually because they would be two stations.

Just use the URL or . . .where ##### is the stationID number of that particular device you want to see. Use the StationID not the Serial (ST) Number of the device(s).

e,g. for one of my Tempest devices. . .I would use tempestwx . com / station / 30165 / grid [ Tempest ]. . .which is the one for the “Paver Patio” device.

I don’t think viewing the historical data “specifically the graphs on one graph” is possible. Each Tempest device has its own set of graphs. . .no matter how many devices are attached to a Hub. For more than one Tempest or more devices attached to a Hub. . .the historical data must be viewed as separate entities.

Thanks! Will give it a try!!

Hi Mike,
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I wanted the same and many others have requested similar multiple values on the same graph which has not yet been provided by Weatherflow Twmpest.
It depends how important it is for you and what effort you wish to go to.
Yes it is possible but it is not easy. There are several methods and it depends if you wish to watch them continuously or not.
To achieve exactly what you are requesting I use the API to get the data from several different stations and display them onto a single graph but it took me lots of effort to create the software to do it which is not simple to share. Here are a couple of live graphs I produce for myself.

If you are familiar with excel then another method would be to use excel to get the data from different hubs to display on a single graph. See this thread for methods to get your data and then you will need to create the formulas to setup the graph that you would like to see:

Another method to see them beside each other rather than overlaid on the same graph is to open two seperate browser windows on your same screen displaying each different graph.

Or another similar view would be to create a html file with the different iframes displaying what you wish to see such as this:

or here:

I imagine there are more methods that I have not mentioned but none that are simple without writing some code.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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