South engraving/mark on Tempest Housing

Because of how my Tempest is mounted, I can’t see the North marker for alignment. A “south” marker on the other side of the housing would be useful.

A small piece of pinstriping tape or a mark with a Sharpie would do it, but I always wondered why the alignment marker was on the North (far) side of things. I’d have put it on the South (visible) side.

A marker probably should have been on both “front” and “back”. The marker on the back (North) side corresponds to the WF logo (as seen in the picture on the box.) A “front” maker like this one would’ve been very nice as well!

I found this confusing as well. When I first put it up, I thought the arrow went the other way, which I also though was weird given where the solar panels were, but figured, eh, they know what they’re doing. Then I saw the wind was all 180º off, lol. Quick rotate and all was well, but still… confusing.

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I ended up putting the marked side towards the North - did I do it backward?


That is the correct orientation for the Northern Hemisphere. The solar panels should be on the south side.

If you divide the distance in the solar panels with 2 on either side this would be looking North I used a sharpie to mark it. It makes it very easy.