Station ID Display

Didn’t see it in the app, or online webpage… But can we get the Station ID displayed somewhere in both places so it’s easier for noobs to find?

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There used to be a handy “share this link with your friends” URL on the bottom of each station’s main web page back at the beginning, but it seems to have been removed at some point…

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This one is handy:

Find your station on the map, click on the station, then click on the upper right corner box in burnt yellow, then look at the URL to see the Station ID number.

See also: Station ID : How to find it and What it is (good for)


The link is still there in both Android and iOS, it is just that the two operating systems use a different icon.

on the online webpage for your station (logged in) push the green bullet below right. It flips over and there you have on second line Station ID

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Same for the lower left (URL), both pretty cool. I think everyone can find their Station ID now.

Thing is… A lot of users are confused when they have issues and we tell them to post their station id…

How about if at the top of your screen, we just had the user-defined station name and the id beside it? Something like:

BtstWx (1158)

Or have it in the settings page…

Then it would be easy and tons more obvious to the home user…


I think something like

Will confuese newbies even more then using a step by step tutorial. It is not only done by getting to know the station ID, the public sharing has to be activated as well.
If the tutorial post I made has to be enhanced feel free to tell.

I think, a user who isn’t able to find the Station ID hasn’t discovered the full beauty and possibilities of the WF system and it’s a good time to go a step further. :wink: And learn about the wordings.

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Keep It Simple…

Having the ID somewhere prominent will make life easier on everyone.

My thoughts…

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It could easily be added to the Current Conditions page where the title reads “Current Conditions for Station ID nnnnn.”