Station is offline

Hub seems to be fine. Had an internet outage and had to reboot my router and everything seemed fine but now I just noticed that the station is offline. Rebooted the hub to no avail. It shows green. Any way to force a reconnect or does green mean its connected and maybe my phone is giving me a problem?

I looked at your station and the Hub does show offline. When you open the phone application does the LED turn blue?

No its green all the time. I seem to get info from the station but there is no data shown on any graph I open since about 11am about the time I reset my router. How can I get any data if the whole thing shows offline? Does the app pull in info from somewhere else if your station is offline?

your hub shows offline server side. Is there some firewall or other security measure blocking some ports or devices on your network ??

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You jogged my memory. I had activated a setting after rebooting my Gryphon router that doesn’t allow any new device even if it has a password. It’s a nice security feature that allows you to ok anything that tries to connect but sometimes it acts up. Turning it off seemed to fix everything. I’ll play around with it.
Thanks GaryFunk and Eric for your help!