Station Pressure on IOS app (Today Widget)

The Today widget on my v4.04 of the IOS app shows a station pressure of 29.35 inHg.
The Sea Level Pressure is 30.06 inHg.
Confused as to why I am seeing such a low station pressure. Everything in my area (airport and wx stations all are around 30.06 like I show for SL Pressure. Why is this station pressure 1) displayed and 2) so far off?

Forget the widget. What shows in the application?

Application shows 30.06.
The other value is not present

I don’t see the problem. If your station is 30.06 and others are 30.06 you can’t get much better than that. As for the widget, I have no idea what it is but that seems to be the issue.

Remember that station pressure is what your station actually sees, the sea level pressure is your station pressure corrected to as if it was at sea level.