Tabulation in IOS app

Anyone else getting a little frustrated with the lack of proper tabulation? My OCD screams every time I open the app…

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Yes! Data alignment is all over the place and font sizes varies, too. In short, the IOS app needs a layout overhaul.


It looks more exaggerated on your screen than on my iPhone X, and it never triggered a response from me.

Let me include my usual disclaimer, I’m so OCD that my picture is in the Wikipedia article for the disorder!!! :wink:

I believe it would still be pretty hard to align / justify all of the values given some have more than one metric.

mine looks much better than that
are you sure you have the latest version of the app?

Yes, I have the latest version.


Same here. Latest version.

Device is an iPad mini 4 in landscape.

what device do you have?

I have never written apps for iOS, so this could be a load of rubbish!

To deal with the layout issue, I’d be very surprised if they couldn’t just define a layout with 4 columns, give each column a relative width of the total screen size, and then simply center the text in each column, leaving some blank as required. Of course it seems so simple that there must be a reason not to do this!

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but even the web interface has alignment issues.


having produced apps myself, its not easy, getting the alignment right for the myriad of devices and screen sizes


New app version will have improved alignment esp on iPad. Thanks for the feedback!



Thank you! We appreciate it…

Looking better, but the alignment of the “feels like” column looks suspect. The Humidity column looks ok.