Tempest App "Always On"

“Always On” doesn’t appear to be working on my Samsung phone. I’ve checked the notifications settings on my phone and the Tempest app. Not sure if this is an issue with the latest app update or something with my phone.

Explain the “always on” as I’m not sure what you mean.

Hi, Display Options in the Tempest App settings. It displays the current temperature of my Tempest via push notifications so I don’t have to open the Tempest app to check current temperature.

The Always On feature is supposed to disable the auto power off of the device screen so it can be used as a display.

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“A special setting in the app to have the screen always stay on if you want it to. This is for users that want to use a spare tablet as an always on display. You can check to see if this setting is turned on in the Tempest app by tapping the Settings icon in the tab bar and then scrolling down to the Display Options section. If it is set to On, tap it to turn it off and that should fix the issue of the app always staying on.”

What it does is keep the screen from sleeping when the application is open and on top.

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Thank you all for clarifying the Always On" feature. I guess the problem may be with the push notifications settings. Thanks again!

I get notifications daily so it may be an issue with WeatherFlow servers. If you think you are not getting the notifications submit a ticket and let WeatherFlow investigate.

I’m still receiving notification alerts and badges. I just miss having the current temperature from my Tempest station always being displayed.

That’s a totally different issue. I’m not sure the application supports that.

Okay, but it was a feature that I really enjoyed.

Go back into the app and turn the feature off and on again. I’ve noticed that sometimes it quits displaying the notification and sometimes it gets turned off.

Remember, this is the setting you want to toggle.

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Wow!! That’s it!!! Thank you very much!! Sorry for the confusion!!
Thanks again!!

I have setup an older Moto phone for “Always On” and I would say about two times a week it decides to kill the app. No big deal but android doesn’t always behave the way you expect it. If you are going to use a tablet or phone as a dashboard make sure it’s not OLED due to burn in. I make sure that my tablets and other devices used for display purposes are IPS displays.

Thank you for sharing this. My app updated over night and everything reset including the wifi settings.