Tempest Captures a 43.5MPH Wind Gust!

Anyone living in South Florida right now knows that it has been raining hard for days. Thunderstorms have been rolling through here, non-stop, and many of the streets are flooded. Two nights ago, on May 26th at 1:28am, we even received a Tornado Warning from the National Weather Service, which rarely happens. At 5:48pm on that same day, we caught a two-minute storm cell that literally reminded us all of when a hurricane is approaching. That is definitely something we’re VERY familiar with! During that event, the winds gusted to 43.5MPH. Thanks to our Tempest, we were able to capture and share the data.

On June 1st, the hurricane season officially begins and this year is forecasted to be very active. I’ll be interested in seeing what kind of figures the Tempest can log during a full-blown hurricane!


ooohhhh see what your raw data shows for rapid_wind and whether there was anything faster reported !

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PLEASE educate me on how to go about accessing the raw data in the hub! I realize that what’s shown on the graphs are snapshots of data per minute, but I’d like to see what raw data was logged between those snapshots, if possible.

Check out the awesome collection of third-party integrations in this fine forum for all of the available options…