Tempest Hub Redesign --- New Look

Debuted at Tempest Weather System … 1 click to the right of initial image. Looks like a nice “healthy” design. I like the rotatable antenna. That should take care of extremely low (bad) RSSI issues.


hmmm - ok I guess - any software or sensor or solar charging changes ?

would they have been smart enough to finally include an indoor temperature sensor as well?
btw I don’ think rotating the antenna away from vertical will improve network a lot. Perhaps this design just allows you to have the hub itself horizontally.

That’s the hub that I got with my tempest from amazon a couple weeks ago. Didn’t realize it was new. It has a wall mount bracket that it can pop in and out of and an adjustable antenna, pretty bright lights for Bluetooth and Wireless indicators. Seems to be 2.4ghz wifi only. 5V/1A USBC power supply. A port scan shows no open ports on it on my network. It uploads about 15mb of data per day and downloads 2-3mb.

I imagine with USBC it would be pretty easy to hook it up to a USBC battery that can charge from solar.

I believe this is what the API reports from the hub part:

      "device_id": XXXXXX,
      "device_meta": {
        "agl": 1.8288,          #not sure what this is?
        "environment": "indoor",
        "name": "HB-XXXXXXXX",
        "wifi_network_name": ""    #blank
      "device_type": "HB",
      "firmware_revision": "305",
      "hardware_revision": "2",
      "location_id": XXXXXX,
      "serial_number": "HB-XXXXXXXX"

Seems to be working well. Good signal from the roof down two stories to the garage where the hub is.

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The antenna is somewhat directional. You can get better/worse signals by moving the hub around, turning it, laying it on it’s side, etc. This adjustable antenna would fix that.

Here’s some photos of the hub: