Tempest Sensor Unit LED Indications

My first tempest had a temperature sensor failure after 4 years, I got a 50% replacement. I decided to play around with the old sensor unit, just because I could. I may have held down the LED button too long on the base as I got a lot of flashing lights, not just the normal green fast flash startup ones.

Now when I power on the sensor unit the LED is blank for a few seconds, then I get a solid green for about 5 seconds then a slow flashing red forever. If I hold down the reset button during this time I get the series of fast flashing greens that I would expect on startup, but it appears there in no communication with the HUB

The flashing red appears to be sending a status message as there are occasional shorter flashes, or shorter pauses in the sequence. After start it shows 2 slow red flashes then a fast one followed by 5 long flashes and one short and then I went cross eyed trying to count them, but it always starts with the same sequence. Just to add a little more intrigue, some times on start the red flashing LED is replaced by a green one, but again the same sequence. These flashes have been running for over 12 hours.

Is there a way that the sensor unit can be reset if it is not connecting to the hub, is there a way to determine if it is connected, and finally is there a listing of any LED status messages?


A Bing.com search on “Tempest WeatherFlow LED status” brings up https://help.tempest.earth/hc/en-us/articles/360050786593-Troubleshooting-Guide-Setup-WiFi-Hub-Tempest-Device#:~:text=Check%20the%20LED%20on%20the%20Hub.%20If%20it,a%20minute%20for%20the%20Hub%20to%20fully%20reboot.

A red led means an issue with one of the sensors.

Please open a support ticket and the team will help you out.

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Thanks, I had found that info, but it didn’t seem to match my situation! An uninstall of the sytation from the app followed by a reinstall has it communicating again!


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Thanks Eric, After uninstalling station from the app followed by a reinstall the hub and sensor unit are talking again. All ran well for a couple of hours, then my original problem resurfaced; the temperature would drop to around -30C, then slowly climb back up to normal, then repeat again. Now the temperature is no longer reported, so obviously a faulty temperature sensor?

Although it appears, on disassembling the unit, that the temperature sensor looks as though it is plug and play with a ribbon cable connection, I am assuming that this part is not available from Tempest or any other source. If that’s the case, its a shame as a $300 unit is scrap for want of a $20 or so part.