Tempest Warranty Info?

Where is the information for the Tempest 2 year warranty and 10 year extended warranty?


On the Tempest page of the website

scroll down

Thanks. Is there documentation? The banner only links to order the Tempest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Warranties tend to cover defects in workmanship and sensor malfunction. I assume your Tempest has been working well up until the point it was damaged?

However frustrating it may be to you, it is not reasonable to hold WeatherFlow responsible for damage caused by storms and lightning. If a tree fell on your brand new car, would you argue that the manufacturer should give you a new one? The fact that they are willing to give you a discount on a new one shows they care a lot about their customers. Most companies wouldn’t even be willing to do that.


I feel sorry for you, but your mounting failed, and it dropped 12" on the ground. That’s not likely to be covered under any warranty.


lol…why would anyone think damage is covered by warranty???


Maybe you should get insurance on it next time. That may cover storm damage if you read the fine print.

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Yeah, nothing in the links posted here shows any details to the warranties implied. I would like to know too.