Tempest Lifespan?

My Tempest is almost 4 years old. After years of flawless behavior, it’s starting to act up. Seems to be drastically underreporting lightning strikes and underestimating wind speeds. Are we reaching the lifespan of a advanced piece of technical equipment that’s out in all weather (lots of New Mexico UV) and it’s time to move on, or are these problems something to try to troubleshoot and repair?


yea they last from 6 months till abot 4 years. i must have had 10 replacements. Then back to davis

If anyone has a “dead” Tempest device that is of no further value and / or is planning to migrate back to the Davis system. . .contact me. I’m always on the Look Out for dead Tempest (ST) devices in order to perform “experiments” on them.

when it dies i will mail it to u. i didnt forget :slight_smile:

if that time comes…I’ll send you my mailing address. . .but hope your device lasts for a while yet.