This wind data chart format

I don’t have a sky yet but have looked at a the data from the ones that show on line. In general I love the way the graphs look and the zoom in zoom out, max/avg/lull. However I don’t like the direction indicator far from the plot line (across the top) as its hard to correlate the direction and the strength. I use a basic wind plot locally that I have never seen anywhere else but really like. The gold plot is the direction on the second y axis…which allows you to look at it all at once. WF people thoughts?

How does one read the direction from the line?

The red line is the gust, the gold line is the direction and it is plotted against the right axis where you see the direction ticks.

Ahh, I see it now, on the right. Nice Idea.

I vote no change. I appreciate the actual arrow. :-1:

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maybe on option for view…not saying to change it.

the current one on the weatherflow graph and the one that you provide both of them is good for me, but I prefer the one that you provide.

I won’t lie the chart in the link had me scratching my head for a few minutes. :thinking: I can tell you from a human ergonomic stand point it doesn’t make any sense to a lay person. A person should just see and understand what it is in front of them.

If I have to think and break out the super decoder ring to determine wind direction all is lost. :persevere: :star_struck:

I like this format, but I’ve been looking at it daily for 15 years or more. It comes from iWindsurf classic, another WF company.

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All valid points and useful graphs but I have to say that I like the current graph best of the ones presented here.

Hi @chuck.tatham. Appreciate the discussion and points of view from everyone. As background, the format of the wind graph is based on 19 years experience presenting data to wind-enthusiasts on,,,, and more. WeatherFlow has gone through a myriad of design iterations over the years and have arrived at the current design via trial and error, user input, and surveys to over 10k people.

That’s not to say new ideas are not welcome, just simply a brief history of how we got to this point. :wink: With your help, WeatherFlow is committed to continuous improvement.

I am an avid user of ikitesurf (pro subscriber) and love it. Was just an idea. I find having all the data in the plot field useful to correlate directional shifts with strength and gusts etc. Readily acknowledge that it is less conventional and certainly not as intuitive out of the gate…and you need to design for all users in mind.