Time limit for post editing

Is there a time limit for editing posts, as for the life of me I can’t find a way anymore to edit the first post of the PiConsole thread?

Yes, it’s 60 days. The only option is to set the topic post to wiki and then you can edit it forever.

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I’m afraid even I can’t change the 60 min limit but I can edit it, just PM me for now what needs change, I’ll do it and I’ll once more poke staff about this and a few other issued


Maybe it’s time to investigate a more powerful and flexible forum software.

admins can change the 2 months limit , moderators like me can’t … it is just a question of convincing the admins :wink:


Those darn admins. I think they have bigger things to worry about. :slight_smile:

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Fully agree but it would be nice if we had some more flexibility to adapt these settings if needed and have a wiki to centralise the so many interesting things that are scattered around this forum.


Yes. WeatherFlow needs a fully functional wiki. Add that to the list of things to do. LOL

Gary, you’re funny! We are not looking for new forum software any time soon! Keep using Discourse and maybe they’ll add more wiki functionality!

@peter, I’ve just set the time limit an author can edit his/her post to forever. If it’s your own post, why not??!!


Great! Thanks for sorting this out.

A wiki isn’t forum software. It’s actually a website add-on that allows for creating an expanded FAQ section. This could benefit WeatherFlow is all is endeavors.

But first, finish the Sky and Air and Breathe.


Sticky? Wiki? Neither are worth diverting developer time from the $199 WSR-88D home doppler weather radar system, IMO… :wink:


@dsj @garyfunk

Do not change the forum, its brilliant in the way it works. Much better than a lot of the established forums (across all hobbies etc) in its presentation.

Weatherflow staff actually appear to be humans and not corporate. If only more Corporate forums behaved like Weatherflow. :slight_smile:

Like marriage forum rules etc are a compromise. Here the administrators listen, think and revert.


No need to change the forum. Just add a wiki to the main website, when time permits. The wiki has replace the FAQ and it has proven to be a valuable resource for companies.

agree - the forums are ‘horrible’ for capturing and finding the assembled knowledge created in lots of threads over many months. The best way is a wiki if you want community editing (ie, helping).


And I agree with @vinceskahan. A wiki is perfect for assimilated data from the forum. Assign trusted editors to gather the information and update the wiki. It’s almost fail proof. All edits are tracked and others are going point out any bad information.

I’ve built and helped maintain a dozen wiki sites (mostly government) and there have been no issues with bad actors.


Perfect decision. :+1:
As already said :

Actually, I really don’t know any forum platform which is more convinced and has as lot useful functions as dicourse.

Yes, as said the build-in wiki function could have a little more functionality like we all are used to from wikis. But even in the feeld of wiki platforms is a hugh variety of functionality and usability according of the purpose of use of a wiki.
Maybe, someone has any suggestions for a wiki software for the unsecase here?
It would need to integrate with the discourse ecosystem to easily take information across and stay referenced (in my opinion a must have feature).
May be a intermediate step could be set up :wink: … I think there are ideas around :wink:

Vanilla. And I say this despite my disdain for PHP.

Mhh… i have to have a look to an forum which has an actual version running… any idea which site does ?

@dsj, I think the ability to edit posts older than 60 days has been switched off again. I can’t seem to edit the first post for the PiConsole anymore. Can you have a quick look at this? Cheers!