TRRM vs HRRR model

I now see the option to look at TRRM model forecast data in my WindAlert app.

@WFstaff @dsj @WFsupport what can you tell me about the TRRM forecast data and how it compares the the HRRR data which I’m familiar with? How often is the TRRM model run? How far does it go out? What is the horizonal resolution? Other?


a bit of info can be found here (trrm runs hourly) By the wording used, I would asume that it isn’t a grid, so it doesn’t have a horizontal resolution. It does its calculation for a specific point. Of course it is based on grid data, but uses AI to generate a forecast for a specific point. If they wanted, they could make a grid out of this, to create a map.

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Thanks! From the link the it says the TRRM combines AI forecast models with the best-available numerical weather prediction models for a point forecast.

@WFstaff @dsj @WFsupport For most of us in the USA what would be the best-available model used for the short term? Would it be the HRRR?