WA-HRRR forecast is too hot!

Is anyone else seeing the temperature forecast on the WA-HRRR model today forecasting much warmer (10 degree range) than what is forecasted/expected by other models and organizations? I have never seen this before, the forecast has always been within a few degrees of what is forecasted/expected. Something is definitely wrong.

Do you have a link to the WA-HRRR model … how does it differ from the operational HRRR model?

I look at the WA-HRRR model in the Wind Alert app. I assume they use the operational HRRR model but maybe with some tweaks???

I know very little about the WindAlert app, so, I don’t know. Back when I learned forecasting, we rarely forecast based on only one model since they can be way off especially due to boundary layer considerations.

Have you looked at which model’s forecast was closest to being verified?

I mostly just look at the HRRR and TRRM on the WindAlert app since I’m mainly looking for high resolution short term wind forecasts. The issue of the HRRR forecasting very high air temperature last week and into the weekend looks to be fixed for now in my area of Utah. If I see this issue arise again I will contact WeatherFlow directly since they are responsible for the forecasts on WindAlert and their other apps.