Using Weatherflow API to feed Easyweather

I have started using Easyweather on my server with data from Weatherflow. it’s here

My question is the data feed, it appears that Weatherflow restricts the data feed to every 5 minutes, is this correct?

Unlikely. WeatherFlow data is available every minute and the API updates in real time. I suspect it is the software you are using that is only requesting data every 5 minutes

Thanks Peter this is what I thought.

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If this is anything like weewx, then there is probably a setting in the config to increase the polling rate.

I have my site at updating every 150 seconds, however its offline at the moment due to no power/sunshine! Before it went offline I did notice that the site refresh dropped back to the Tempest refresh of 5 minutes when it went into power save mode - how’s your battery looking?


Okay I have had a reply from the site and for Weatherflow that have a cron job getting data every 300 seconds. I would like to reduce this update time but what can Weatheflow handle what is the minimum refresh time

WeatherFlow have never published any official usage limits, but I imagine the minimum refresh time would be every 60 seconds. Any faster than this won’t gain anything as no new data will be available.

@simon2, in Weewx there is a difference between the archive interval and the polling rate. Assuming you are using the UDP driver, Weewx will be getting a new observation every three seconds for wind and every minute for everything else. The 150 seconds refers to the period of time over which these observations are aggregated to generate a single record.

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