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I’m waiting for my Sky but have question beforehand. As I understand, the WU updates every 10 minutes. My question is what data is being sent with 10-min update: does the Hub hold the max wind gust within that 10 minutes and sends it as gust speed? Or does it send the gust at that present moment?

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I don’t think the WU update every 10 minutes, as I know this depending on your station and the software that you use to send your data to the WU, you can see here in this station it update every 11 second and sometime 1 minute, so it depend on the software of your station if it report for every 1 minute or for every change on the condition on your station to the WU.

Agree with @todayweather4. According to the WU API, you can have software upload as fast as every 3 seconds (which is what I have my Wx Console/Upload app doing).

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I understood the Hub can update the WU by its own internal software? Maybe I am wrong.

I do have a Davis VP2 with WD and do rapidfire updates every few seconds.

@gene is the guy to ask about this :grin:

@petercek The WeatherFlow HUB is capable of of sending data to WU with its own internal software, no other software or bridges required. The default setting is to update data every 1min (which is the avg of observations over the last 60secs). You can also adjust your WU settings to allow “RapidFire” which by WU definition is 5sec — typically for wind updates. SKY + HUB is actually able to send 3sec wind data. Sometimes the WU API doesn’t ingest the data every 3 or 5 seconds and your “RapidFire” appears to update every 10-15 seconds.

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Hi Keith,

Would you be able to reference where it is a user would make these changes? I don’t see any obvious settings for the option to decrease the send interval / receive interval / rapid fire.

Looking at all the tables for both stations it indicates the weather observations are streaming in at a five minute interval from the WF Servers.

Thank You!

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(Disclaimer: I don’t work for WU or proclaim to know everything about their software.). See :

From the WunderStation iPad app, tap settings to access RapidFire. My instance seems to update wind every ~10sec.

When Viewing one of our test stations on WU from a browser, all the data updates every 1min, and occasionally the wind updates more frequently. Not sure why as this is WU software.


Ps - the “Weather History Table” on WU which shows 5min data is likely a function of their archival logic as opposed to the frequency of data sent by the WeatherFlow stations.


“Logic” and “WU” in the same sentence? Isn’t that almost an oxymoron since Dr. Masters and crew jumped ship?

I’m saving this gold star award from a few minutes ago for posterity:

I am pretty sure that rapid_wind gets sent to WU every 3 seconds (as packets arrive), but can’t verify that right now even though my station has a coveted WU gold star… :roll_eyes:


Good to know about the table history and can confirm wind and temp is updated every X seconds. I thought this little blurb for the rapid wind data was odd.

Google Chrome is not listed?!?!


That list of browsers is sooooo 20 years ago. Very outdated.

Works with my Google Chrome just fine.


Thank you, good to know this. Looking forward to get the hardware soon.

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My station reports to the Wunderground but not with “rapid fire” period but just every 1 minute. Where can I change the setting so the Hub sends data to Wunderground every e.g. 3 seconds?

Only wind is every three seconds. There is no option to send data other than the default.


Not even the wind. The wind also updates once per minute.

According to post 6 and 8 this is done on the Weather Underground server.

I don’t use that service as … well read all the comments on this forum and judge for yourself.

Yes that is how mine works.
So for 3 sec update I view here:
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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My test WU station is doing the same thing. WF’s uploader is apparently not sending rapid_wind (3 or 15 second updates) to WU, so only the summarized one-minute observations are sent.

To tell you how long it’s been since I visited WU, I just discovered that they totally dropped the ability to edit your own station status message. Shark jumped, as far as I’m concerned…

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Thanks, I use WF’s service which is OK. I just wondered why the data doesn’t flow to WU with rapid fire update. It’s not an issue, just observation.