WeatherUnderground Updates

Question? I had a Wind Gust yesterday of 31.4 on the Tempest, but WU has 27.3. Why the discrepancy? How fast do the updates take place?


Is it that only the 1 minute average is uploaded?

I think indeed. In the past there was an option called rapid fire you could toggle on WU. I can’t find that anymore …
Most probably you get an average of the last 60 seconds.

Unfortunately the Rapid Fire from Wundergound was ceased back in ~2016 and the server that hosted it is long gone.


I still get rapid fire 16 second updates for wind speed from my Ambient Weather WS-2902A console directly to Weather Underground. All other observations get updated every 60 seconds. If I let Ambient Weather Net upload to Weather Underground, then all observations would be pushed every 60 seconds. Hence, the reason I let the console upload the data directly so I can log the higher wind gusts.

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Thanks…My AcuRite lets me do Rapid Fire Updates too. I was wondering if The Tempest had that option as well…Thanks for all the info.


I think the Tempest /Sky Air only allow1 minute updates on wind and a lot of times its longer than that,just depends on WU. I have a Atlas and it normaly does updates about 16sec intervals but I just looked and neither one has updated in 15-18minutes par for course with WU