Variance in PWG on WU & Tempest website

I noticed that the Tempest website said that the station recorded a PWG of 14.0 mph whereas the WU site said that the Tempest recorded a 14.1mph PWG. I know it’s a little picky to point that out. But it makes me wonder if the daily summary on the Tempest website is not receiving all the archived data?

It’s far more likely it’s the other way around. WU ‘frequently’ misses ‘lots’ of data.

True but it seems different this time. Why would WU show 14.1mph but the Tempest website only shows 14.0mph?

If I had one reading at 14.1, and you had one at 14.1 and three at 13.8, wouldn’t it do something like that ? It’s kinda simple math.

Maybe a difference in calculation. But more to the point, what is your concern?

Just wanted to be sure that there isn’t any missed data on the Tempest his total summary page. It wouldn’t bother me if WU has a lower reported PWG than the Tempest historical summary page.