Weather app for a boat

I am looking to develop an app for using the sky and air sensors on my boat. Is anyone else looking at this?


This is an active project of mine. I have been exploring options to use both Air & Sky (but primarily Sky) on mobile platforms…specifically boats…



I would like to see the same. I am no developer but on the water all the time. My station is on my boat now but only operational when at the dock. obvi.

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I would be very interested in the same thing.

I’m no developer but I’m guessing the way forward would be a system for outputting the weather flow data as NMEA2000 string so that the wind direction data can be corrected by the boats NMEA2000 compass data?


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Something like that.
A console that connects to the WF hardware and pulls data from the NMEA stream… Onboard, real-time, speed & direction corrected weather.

On one of my back burners for over a year now.

Waiting to hit WF up to produce a much smaller sel-contained Sky unit… :slight_smile: