WeatherFlow Sky and Shooting

Is WeatherFlow Sky usable remotely from a base station with a smartphone and app, or is it essential to connect to a base station/internet? The advantage of Sky rather than the shooters standard offering you produce is that wind direction is automatically recorded and updated as wind changes. If the app can talk directly to the station, it would also have the advantage of being positioned down range, which is where the bulk of wind effects happen ballistically.
It’s not unusual for wind effects to be more prevalent down range, than where the shooter himself is positioned, as that is often somewhat sheltered from the wind.

It works well with no Internet connection. Tests have shown the Sky may be placed far from the Hub as long as there is clear line-of-sight.

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If you’re super-crazy about wind data, multiple Sky units can be placed at various distances down range and report back to the same Hub.

Oh, I should add that the rain feature will most likely report false rain events due to the loud noise. Daytona Bike Week and the USAF Thunderbirds don’t cause false rain reports, but I don’t recall anyone reporting that they tested against shooting sports at close distances…

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Hi @steve1 welcome to the community. Great question! Yes, you can setup one or more SKY devices down range and beam the 3sec wind data back to the HUB sitting at your shooting location. Then you can view the live data with your phone or tablet connected directly to the HUB via BLE. As @GaryFunk noted above, many users have tested the wireless range between SKY and the HUB a very long ways out with a direct line-of-sight. Also, you can connect multiple SKYs at various points down range to the same Hub, same app display like @vreihen mentioned. :+1: