Web access page hits stats

Any way to know how often users are visiting your station via browser? I have shared mine with local wind junkies and it would be cool to know how much access there is.

there is a tracking in the page but I can’t say how they use it and to what point detailed.

@WFmarketing … possible to show something on the page ??? I don’t think so but never know

@chuck.tatham other option is to use one the the available scripts to host your own page and include tracking from one of the services available.


Would be cool to have basic hit stats over time and even some reverse DNS lookup for region the hits are coming from.

For that matter, it would also be cool if you could have some editable text that could be used by the owner to welcome or make a statement of sort to a web visitor, contact information or something else community of interest wise…in my case I would like to have short text oriented to kiteboarders.

Those are good ideas.

I feel they are best handled by a third-party resource. You can share that resource that will then direct them to your weather, either in a frame, a pop-up window or a new page.

yes but then someone would have to have the ability to execute such…vs just using the basic web server embedded in the device itself.

The device does not have a web server embedded in it.

Matomo is an alternative to the google analytics system though not sure how this could be automated. You can make accounts in there pro webaccount … there is an API but this needs a dedicated server and someone coding the stuff.

I use matomo for my needs but for sure not good enough for large scale systems like WF

I guess what I meant was that the device is serving up graphics and text…some of it could be made editable through the app perhaps to just have a title bar text or something.

The device does not server anything. All web files, including graphs, come from the web servers that WeatherFlow uses. The web page does not communicate with the Hub or any station devices.

Makes sense. However, the mobile app is editing content that is web served.

Yes it is, on the WeatherFlow servers, which I think are part of AWS.