Web Cam Suggestion?

Perhaps the same Chinese version i linked to earlier in this topic?

I ended up using one of my Nest Cams. The picture is good but I can’t figure out how to integrate it with WUnderground.

Today I moved the all sky (almost all at least) camera to the top of my house, next to the Sky unit. That was quite a bit of work with the cabling. I ended up running it through an outlet of my ventilation system. Oriented it in such a way that north is up, but will have to check that as soon as I get to see Polaris. There is no real need for north being up, but it makes the wind directions a bit easier to understand.

Of course it started to rain. I think it could use some hydrophylic or hydrophobic transparent coating. My guess is that hydrophilic would work the best, so it spreads out the water instead of creating drops. @dsj, you experimented with coatings. Do you have something to recommend that I could also apply to the sky unit? Or will that ruin the image quality?

((( with the right rain, it might start looking like a picture of the moon :wink: )))


Sorry, @sunny, I don’t have a good suggestion - none of the coating options we looked at were optical quality - they all imparted at least some amount of white or hazy color to the surface.

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This is my very first allsky timelapse from the roof of my house. Because the camera looks up, east is on the left hand side. For the night sky I do have to block out the light from two high story buildings (the one on the left and one in top, of which you see only the reflection)

More lessons learned: Can I get away with capturing only 1 frame every few seconds during day time, at night I do need to switch to 10 frames per second and average 20 seconds together, to get rid of the noise and you get to see more stars (this camera seems to have a max shutter speed of 1/15th of a second)


nice… the camera is so sensitive that it shows even the clouds during the night. I could hardly see those clouds myself. This time lapse is from 0:44 till 1:44


Hi @sunny, If you search gopro water drops there are lots of suggestions. But I havnt tried any.
I have been experimenting using a raspberry pi camera so that I have full control. This was an earlier video with some jumping and I cropped it. I am still changing everything gradually getting how I like it. Once I am happy with it I will put it on the pole above the roof. https://youtu.be/VL0WNnzvu_g
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

that is a good search suggestion. Thanks. I’ll start with the dishwasher stuff (as I have that already in the house)

I bought the Boavision camera you suggested here. I was very pleased with the results, especially in the night mode. However, in recent days I have had sunny days completely and the camera stops working very soon after entering the frame of direct sunlight. When I remove the camera from the sun after a while, it normally resumes operation. What was your experience with direct sunlight. Does anyone else have experience in situations like this? http://vreme.in.rs/knjazevac/livecamera1.jpg

Sorry to hear, but I had no such problems.
I didn’t completely trust the waterproof part, so i used some kit around the dome where it touches the housing.

Did it become wet? Perhaps there is some water inside.

I have had very little rain during this period so moisture is certainly not the cause of this problem.
I’m not sure if the problem is direct sunlight or high temperature in the case, but since the camera stops working very quickly after capturing direct sunlight, I think it’s a problem.
Are there any filters for direct sunlight protection?

i don’t know, the sensor itself can handle direct sunlight. I would open it up and check for bad cabling (try disconnecting and reconnecting them)or if you can see it perhaps a tiny crack in the copper part in the printed circuit board. If not, I would send it back. if you don’t mind voiding the warranty you could paint the outside of the dome that is not in the picture white, so it reflects more sunlight, but I doubt if that would be a long term solution.

btw, I’m using a program called I spy, that automatically takes a new frame every second and creates a timelaps movie every hour.


I also using Ispy app.

Here is my weather cam at Weather Underground. That is my Tempest right in the center of the photo, up about 8 feet. Sure would be great to be able to add this at the Tempest Map site.

Hope this photo shows up.


A few years back I’ve been there on holiday :slight_smile:

Hi, Sunny:

If it has been a few years, it is time for you to come back!

We retired here to our ranch seven years ago. The weather is never the same. The sunrises and sunsets are always different and always beautiful. And, the spectacular thunderstorms coming over those mountains are always amazing. We enjoy all four seasons. The weather cam, of course, never shows how it really looks.

Thanks for the message.

Best regards,


That looks great. May I ask what camera hardware you’re using? I would love to add one here. We also have spectacular mountain views & sunsets looking westward from the rear of our house.

Thanks for the message. Kevin. It is an Ambientcam. Unfortunately it is no longer available. However, it was made by Foscam. If you do a search at Amazon, you can find several different models. I have had that one for some time. The resolution of current models is much higher. Let me know if you get one up and running. Link to my weather station is in my profile.

I want to do this exact thing. Any advice on best process? Have my webcam and can FTP stills. What is next? Webcam.io?

I use Lorex Cameras and have several (all weather proof and two and three that rotate 360. All are 4k) … I wonder if I could possibly use those for my weather station. Would anyone know? Thanks :slight_smile: