What about opening a new category for status facts overview

I was looking for some data for example for which features the CL system is activated and since when.
As well some “detailed” information. For example like

Hence, it shouldn’t allow discussions just a sort of facts library which not have to be posted several times (and probably with partly disjunctive information) and everyone could link to those central posts wich could be updated as the development progresses…
What do you think @dan.gealt, @eric, @WFmarketing ?
A titel suggestion: facts or announcements or detailed Infos as a sub to general or owners .
I know there’s is the category “smart weather announcements” but as for example the CL activations are not posted here as well as some useful facts like shown above…


Maybe this has to have an additional trigger to @eric, @WFmarketing, @dan.gealt and maybe additionally @dsj as it seems the forum software seems to have swallowed the notification… as it seems to do from time to time… maybe one should address this to @discourse

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You are asking for a wiki which I think WeatherFlow does not currently have.

The forum software has the wiki feature…
I think a full wiki is not necessary but would do the job. :wink: (any plans?)
Personally, I would prefer the solution here within the forum… hence of the function of notification and easily integration of information into posts for example.
All of us here in the Lounge will have posted or at least reposted information twice… that would help in having less duplicates and more consitance.

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The wiki feature in discourse only allows the first post to be edited by all members. Otherwise it is not a wiki in any other respect.

I am aware.
Hence, I suggested a topic with threads for each issue. Only editable by the owner and the mods / admins. And closed after first post…
No community editing will be needed as it would not be useful.
Discussion should be made somewhere else maybe in an additional subtupic.

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Why not just build a FAQ and put it on wearherflow.com? Simpler and easier.

Really ?
That can be edited only by WF webeditors…
That’s a different use case.

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I like this idea - it probably belongs on the smart weather section of our support website, which is on track for a review and update soon.

My original idea was, that it only the WFstaff can separate and archive some facts mentloned in the community discussions. The idea was that at least a part of the memebers could assist you in archiving often asked or generally useful and I retesting facts. (>>I.e. data storage capabilities)

That would be little different approach …

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Yes, not a bad idea, but our current approach is to keep all the static information on the help pages. The forum is more of a dynamic place where ideas are suggested, bugs are reported, points are clarified (but all subject to change!).

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