Zoom function - can it be made to zoom in/out on the current section displayed?

On both the Android App and the Web interface (using Chrome), when you zoom in/out it always defaults back to the current point in time. Usually, in just about every other application I can think of, when you select zoom, it usually zooms in/out on the area you have highlighted. If you are looking at something in the past (you have sideways scrolled to the time period), select zoom, and instead of the user-expected-behaviour of zooming in on that particular time, it zooms in but takes you back to the current point in time. It is counter-intuitive to me, and kind of annoying.


you are right about that and I’m agreed with you.
hope they fix this soon.

Thanks. This is a known issue with the graphing libraries we use - it’s supposed to manage that but is not doing a good job. We will address it soon. Note, it should be easy to fix with the ‘zoom out’ function because in that case the area you were just looking at is still fully contained in the new view. However, when you ‘zoom in’ the area of interest is not obvious - are you wanting to zoom in to the left side, the right side, or somewhere in between?

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Thanks for the heads up @dsj

Since it doesn’t look like this has been addressed yet, I’d say zoom to the middle but any of the three would be better than starting at the current time since it won’t be much of a sideways scroll to get to the point desired.


I totally agree. It doesn’t matter too much. I would say the middle. Implementing a two finger zoom wouldn’t have this issue, as you just keep both selected points under the tip of your fingers.


I think that, in addition to zoom being just + and -, it would be very convenient to be able to specify the starting and ending date and time for the data requested to be displayed.


When I reduce the resolution and scroll back through the history for a particular point of interest, I tap on the screen to select a month, day or hour. A vertical red stripe appears where I tapped and the header displays the date and data. When I tap the + to zoom in for more detail it should center on the red stripe. That is my area of interest.
Add a button or gesture to return to the current date.
Thanks! Great weather station.

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Zoom in to where you left the cursor/date line.

In the phone app, if I tap to look at data (for instance lightning strikes), I can zoom in or out to examine the pattern of strikes… great. But if I scroll to an earlier date (let’s say, last year)… and I attempt to zoom in on that data, the software returns me to today. I can’t zoom in or out on the old data… it keeps returning me to today’s data.

So it would be much better to be able to zoom in and out on whatever date I wanted.

Currently, zooming in or out on the graph view resets the timeframe to the current time/date. This requires the user to first zoom to the level of detail they wish to view before scrolling to the timeframe (date) they wish to view. This is a problem when viewing data, for example, from a year ago, and wanting to zoom in to view more detailed (hourly) data.

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