2 out of 3 iPads connect to WF wifi, but one doesn't

I have a weird issue. Two of my 3 iPads connect to the WF wifi for my station, but one doesn’t. The one that doesn’t is an iPad Pro and the 2 that do are iPad minis. Yet the iPad pro that doesn’t show a WF connection still receives current data from the station. Going into the wifi setup yields no results as it says my Hub is not connected (it is connected as indicated by the other 2 iPads and the blue light on the Hub).

I should add there is no issue with wifi on the iPad pro since I can connect to the internet or other apps with no issues. Am I correct in assuming this simply indicates it’s not connected to the WF server but is to the Air & Sky?

I am am using an iPad Pro 2. My only issue is the wind direction pointer is stuck

That sounds more like a Bluetooth issue.