My internet connection is an iPhone hotspot

And I’m unable to connect the hub to this network, it doesn’t appear. (I live in a remote area with cell phone service but few ISP options). Any tips or experiences getting the hub online through a wireless hotspot, are appreciated. I’m connected via bluetooth for local access to the data.

Just an update: I can now see the wifi network in the setup in the app, but connecting to it isn’t successful, and the connection remains in bluetooth.

Do you have access to another mobile device? If so, turn off Bluetooth in the hotspot device and connect to the hub with Bluetooth on the other one and set it up that way. I’ve connected to several different hotspot with success: iPad mini 2, a couple different Android phones, and a Netgear Nighthawk.

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Thank you. Tried switching to iPad hotspot connecting from iPhone still no luck getting error codes now 1006 1023 1025 will keep trying.

Finally got it connected, switching devices as you say, thanks.

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I’ve run into that too. It just was never consistent enough to figure out what really was going on so I’ve learned to try a different device/WiFi and then reset it to what I want afterwards. I’m glad it worked out for you.

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