I’m an owner too and have some tips!

I am happy to say that I am a happy Owner too!

A nice guy offered me his extra unit and I am (almost) up and running!

Before this I really had some difficulties I had to solve and I’ll post them here to help others.

First of all I could find the wifi network, from my Fritz!box ( Fritzbox) router/modem, but found out that was caused by my 2-in1 network combination of 2.4 and 5 GHz
Solution, before installing the WF first rename both networks f.e. Network2.4 and Network5

After that still no luck…
Although my USB power supply should deliver 1A, I didn’t trust it and replaced it by the one from my iPad and after that suddenly alot of networks popped up!
Solution: don’t use cheap USB power supplies!

Installation still was difficult :frowning:

@GaryFunk explained resetting all ( Hardware received but hub won't connect to BLE (solved with iPhone) - #6 by GaryFunk )

After this suddenly many more wifi networks popped up, including mine and installation seemed harmless.


During my first installation struggle I got an error;
“ WiFi setup failed… Error Code 1062 “

I could find this code anywhere on this site.

I’d suggest to add a sticky with possible / known error codes?


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You solved it by changing the password with one without special characters ?

Nope, I didn’t change anything in my regular router/modem settings.

Therefore I’m suggesting to make a code list for newbees.


I found that the tempest does not like wpa3.
I made a 2.4 ghz wifi network with wpa2 and bam it connected with no 1067 error