Hub, Sky and Air working and on web, but iOS wf app forgets station

My system has been working perfectly then suddenly the iOS wf app shows no station and wants to run a setup new station?. After checking all setting at home, all is good even on weather underground, but no station on native app. Did the setup again and app works for two days. Lunched app and back to setup/ login screen on iOS. Any help?

Did by any change the app log you out of your acount and you have to log in again ?

This can happen when you change from wifi networks ( I saw this recently happen to me when hopping from one wifi router to the other). Logging in again brought back my station in the app. I didn’t have to go trough setting up again.

For @anon84912554 can you detail iOS version, iPhone type and what version of the app you use ?

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Yep, the app logged me out and I do have two wifi hotspots, but this happen over a LTE network. Logging in just gave me a blank screen. When I ran the setup the second time I used the alternate hotspot. Running iOS 11.41(latest version)on iPhone SE, WF app version 2.23(166)

Hi Alan, it looks like you have 3 Smart Weather accounts,
make sure you’re signed in to the correct account - ""

On this account, your station “Charlo ADV” is fully setup and functioning normally. Although, I do see a recent disconnect from WiFi. Try re-setting up a WiFi connection to your router. Go to settings > stations > choose your station > WiFi setup > follow the procedure to reconfigure WiFi connection to your network. If you keep getting disconnected, reboot your router and the Hub and try setup again. If that doesn’t help, try setting up a guest network on your router for the Hub to connect to.

I hope this helps!


Thanks guys will check it out and report back.