Air stopped. No data but device online

I’ve got an air and hub. About 2 days ago the air just stopped working. Today, I’ve changed the batteries and it now says online in the app. However, I’m not getting any temperature data.

Any ideas?

hopefully it hasnt did what my original field test unit did last year where the temperature sensor failed .

so do you have barometer readings ?

to test lightning get two pieces of metal or a couple stones and knock them together bit like creating a fire from a couple of stones basically creating a spark. there are other methods like a small electric drill etc .

hopefully the temperature sensor hasn’t died because if it has there is not much you can do to resolve apart from replacement unit.brian

Lightning works, but no temp or barometer sadly.

oh dear however @dsj may know of a solution apart from hard resetting i cant think of anything

on mine just the sensor for temperature failed barometer was fine and lightning was fine

also what does the sensor status say in the info screen on app or logged in web page under clicking online green circle

Did you try opening the Air’s battery door, counting to 20, and then closing it again yet? I had a problem once where certain sensors didn’t restart after a battery change, and a second power cycle brought everything back to life…

You can also try resetting it by pushing the green button until it starts flashing.

Hi @mat-johnson. It looks like your AIR was either never completely paired to the Hub or has become un-paired from your Hub somehow. When you push the small button next to the battery door, what color is the light? If it’s not GREEN, then your AIR is not paired with your Hub.

Regardless of how it got in this state, you should be able to restore operation by following this procedure:

  1. Reset the device and divorce it from your hub: press and hold the clear button near the battery door for five seconds and release when LED turns green.
    Delete the sensor device from the app, go to Settings > Stations [select station] > Manage Devices > Slide device left to reveal a delete button.
  2. Restart your hub: remove power from the hub for a few seconds, then re-apply power.
  3. Re-add the device to your station: go to Settings > Stations [select station] > Manage Devices > Add Device (+)

Hope that helps! More detailed troubleshooting is here:

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Thanks for the help, but after following all the ideas here it’s no better.

Ok. If you tried re-pairing your AIR and that didn’t work, please open a support ticket here: so customer support can troubleshoot further. We may need to send you a new AIR!

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Cheers for that. I’ve raised the support ticket.