Possibility that I deleted My data

I got a replacement Air today, inserted new batteries it flashes green and I try add a new Air to My station… My phone connects to the app, hub led is blue… But I cannot find any Air when I try to add a new Air…

Remove the batteries insert Them again nothing different device same thing…

I remove the batteries from My Original Air and thinking maybe that Will do something nope…

Now I do something dumb I try to remove My Original from the station-my devices. Nothing I find My Original immediatly but the replacement One cannot be found…

Now i discover something terryfying My Air data is gone, have I truly managed to remove My temperature history by removing the connection with the Air?

edit : removed a very big …oups wrong answer

For your data … not to sure if we can do much locally but WF staff can for sure get your data and link it to the Air.

@WFmarketing will have a look and keep you in the loop if you can tell what stations (and device id’s) from which to which …

but first try to get your new air online before WF can move data around :wink: (reset it completely and start over again for the new Air) :sunglasses:

I did not actually think any owner could help, I mainly reconed that a few of the field testers have tried out different itterations of the Air and come across this dilema. If it would have been the case that the data would have been Lost Forever, that would be something that WF would need to fix ASAP.

The problem occured when I was trying everything that I could come with removing the batteries from the old One, so would not interfer… And then the last possibility removing the connection from the hub…

Reading through the troubleshooting, about reseting the Air… could not manage out where the reset button was, but I got that answered an hour back or so.

Thank you for your Replay

Edit: I Will post the Id of the different devices as soon as I get home. Within an hour, I have wriitten down the Serial Numbers on the two Airs to be able to Keep Them apart… they Will be Installed pretty much next to each other, to Give the @WFmarketing the oppurtunity to compare Them and hopefully that Will help overcome the serious humidity rollercoaster My Original Air is showing. So future products Will be even greater.

one of my Air units is in that case and is since a few days in special test for a solution, it isn’t dropping anymore from overflow … first step seems achieved, next part will be to calibrate it since it now sticks to 100% when humidity goes over 90% … work in progress and hopefully WF will get the second part done so the fix can be rolled out to all …

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Great to hear.
Station Id 2598
Original Air: Device Id 11698
Serial Number: 7110

Replacement Air: Device Id 11747
Serial Number: 2915

Replacement Air has not yet settled in the correct temperture from have been inside, but the humidity seems correct, have an older weather station that I am far from happy with, but is showing similar temperture and humidity within 2% of the replacement Air.

Official weather station att the Airport 10km from me is showing 61%

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I was interested to see your application shows a comma instead of a period for the decimal placing.

I think that has to för with language input settings, on my phone. In Finland with we use Comma instead of period.

If you find it interesting, I found it quite confusing when i lived in Canada a few years back, during an student exchange program…


I didn’t know selecting the different languages would do that. I thought a period was a universal thing used to express numeric decimal places. You most definitely learn something new each day! Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing the weather in Finland!!

@eric - I think that you are confused about multiple Hubs in the same BLE air space, where there have been some BLE connection issues with a phone trying to talk to more than one Hub at the same time. Unless something has changed, the Air does not communicate via BLE or directly with the phone.

The common problem with new hardware not pairing to a Hub is that the factory didn’t successfully reset the Air/Sky after pairing it to their test equipment. Hold the green light/button down for 10 seconds or so when it is flashing, which will clear the factory’s pairing and let it pair up with your Hub…


oupssssss you’re right, always mixing air and hub … going to edit out the post as not to mislead future readers
sorry again folks :unamused:


Wf should mention in the troubleshooting that the led is also the reset button…

The FAQ will be updated in the near future to call this out along with a picture.

Great! I mean I am quite the tech Guy, invested in a startup company, who develop running gadgets, beta testing software and hardware… But it did not cross My mind that the led was a button… #facepalm

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I’ve been involved with the tech industry for more than 35 years. I can safely say this isn’t very common in a consumer product. So, you’re truly not the only one who missed that so called obvious reset LED button. :laughing:

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